Lee DeWyze Comes to Town!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wow! Lee DeWyze's hometown visit last Friday was so crazy!!!  His day was filled with so many stops, and finally ended the day with a concert at Arlington Park Racetrack in Arlington Heights, IL. Like I mentioned in my last post, Dave & I had VIP tickets to see him. The view was great and we got some pictures and a few videos. Lee showed so much emotion and was so humble, it made me like him even more! Hearing him sing live was also incredible. He sang about 9 songs, but was originally only supposed to sing 3! He was so grateful for all the support, and he has touched so many people, I think that's one of the reasons he's doing so well on American Idol. His performances tonight were PHENOMENAL!! I am such a huge fan. When the show is over, I will really miss seeing him on TV every week! Check out the videos below! I will post some pictures soon.


  1. Great videos Nicole & you guys did have great seats!!! I bet that was a BLAST & LEE is so going to WIN ;)

  2. SUPER FUN. Lee was my favorite on AI.


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